Unique Mezcal Distillery Day Tours in Oaxaca, Mexico

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Spend a day discovering more about mezcal culture, production, and traditions of Oaxaca, Mexico. 

Our mezcal distillery tours are conducted by Oaxaca resident Alvin Starkman who has been trained by the federal government of Mexico. He is a recognized authority on local distilled and fermented beverages, with over 35 articles and one book to his credit, on topics centering upon Mexican craft beer, mezcal, the pre-Hispanic drink pulque, and sustainability (in addition to a further 250 articles about a diversity of Oaxacan cultural traditions). He is also co-author of the only comprehensive full-color bilingual mezcal tasting wheel.

He is not a tour guide, but rather a seasoned professional trained and licensed to lead excursions into the hills of Oaxaca to teach both Mexican nationals and visitors to the region about agave, mezcal and the pre-Hispanic fermented beverage, pulque.

All tours are fully customized to meet the passions, desires and interests of individuals, couples, business partners and groups. They are anywhere from a few hours in duration (the most popular being single day excursions to visit a number of quaint, artisanal factories, known in Oaxaca as palenques) to weeklong vacation packages for ardent spirits aficionados.

This mezcal distillery tour best fits those who are interested in mezcal aroma and flavor nuances and fabrication processes using different species of agave; want to pursue a business plan for the export of mezcal from Oaxaca; are curious about pulque and willing to accompany a native Zapotec family into the countryside to extract aguamiel, the honey water which naturally ferments; are photographers and/or documentary film makers; want their entire visit to Oaxaca to be pre-arranged with an emphasis on the food and drink of the central valleys; are intent upon experiencing the real Mexico, by interacting with the locals – where they live, work and eat.
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7 H
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Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico
1,5 H
This activity begins with an encounter with the best of Mezcal culture in a comfortable space focused on mezcal culture and its research.... more

We will taste 3 different mezcals (or other artisanal distillates) while we talk and learn a little about their production method and agaves.

Each mezcal is made by different producers, mezcalera cooperatives or small producing families in Oaxaca. In this tasting the most important thing is the desire to know the diversity of flavors, aromas and textures.

In this experience we want to be that friend that awaits you upon your arrival in our city, we know that when we arrive at a new place we are interested in knowing those recommendations of where to go, what to eat, where to go to the best parties, museums and galleries more important.

In summary there will be a tasting of Organic Mezcales, a talk with stories to mezcal, recommendation of mezcalerias and some welcome surprises to our city.
/ Person
Santa María Atzompa, Oaxaca, Mexico
7 H
Discover the Deep Heart, Hearth, and Craft of Oaxacan Pottery Traditions. As you may know, Oaxaca is famous for its pottery traditions. However, much of the rooted, Oaxacan pottery ... moretraditions, both technical and philosophical, are being neglected, even forgotten. Over the course of a full day we will visit a family of three generations of potters actively engaged in the collective rememberance of their craft.

We will explore the process of turning clay into ceramics, each step being undertaken and taught together. Moreover, we will be getting our hands dirty learning the living alchemy of earth and fire, listening to master storytellers, and discovering the old relationships between the fire that cooks our pottery that cooks our food.

Earth, Fire, and Food includes:

a day-long, hands-on workshop on the Oaxacan pottery-making process, from the raw materials to the finished product

a metate-made chocolate demonstration and tasting

a delicious, organic, home-cooked meal,

a parting gift for our guests from our hosts, selected specially for this session
/ Person
Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico
2 H
Experience Oaxaca’s Unique Fermented Agave Drinks, Their History, Myths, and Regeneration A local organic market is our classroom as we taste and learn about the mysteries of ... moremaguey/agave not only through Mexican cultural history, but through flavours.

Through a flight or tasting of three distinct maguey/agave beverages, we endeavour to learn about the mysterious path of maguey, the Goddess Mayahuel, the moon, and pulque in Oaxaca.

Guests are challenged to consider their approach to the vast differences in taste, textures, and context that root Oaxacan and Western traditions and how all of this might inform our relations to farming, elderhood, sacrifice, myth, and food.