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Activity Overview
The delightful Mornington Peninsula has an atmosphere that reminds you of the Mediterranean, it features wine estates, olive forests and memorable houses.

With more than fifty cellar doors in the area that are particularly respectable for their Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. There are numerous wineries to tour and our tour-guides will make sure you tour each one of the finest wineries in the locale to satisfy your taste.

Begin your private trip to the Mornington Peninsula by visiting a beautiful winery. During lunch, you can choose to eat at a pleasant winery while viewing the awesome sceneries of the area, or tapas at a marvelous olive forest. Afterwards, you might need to tour a dairy, the strawberry estate, or appreciate another wine sampling. You will then head towards Arthurs Seat, as you view the quiet harbor and the sea.

End your Mornington Penisula day visit by relaxing and loosening up eliminating every one of your worries, at a soothing open air day spa. This will also enable your skin to enjoy all the rich minerals in the warm water. Peninsula Hot Springs provides different medications that originate from the traditions of Australian Native people. In case you might want to include a massage, facial or some other treatment to your trip, it would be ideal if you inform us.

Your Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs and Winery visit is a private trip where you will use a luxurious car; together with a great, knowledgeable guide.

The Suggested Tour Itinerary
  • This Itinerary is Adjustable and Perhaps Custom fitted to suit your needs.
  • 10.30 AM you will be picked at your hotel in Melbourne
  • Picturesque drive along the Melbourne bay
  • Crittenden Estate Winery (Élite Wine sampling)
  • 12.30 PM Lunch (Proposals are: 10 Minutes by Tractor, to a fine-feast contemporary Australian winery lunch; Polperro, for a Cutting edge Australian/Combination winery lunch, Max's, for a modern-day Australian winery lunch)
  • Paringa wine estate or dessert at the Strawberry Ranch
  • Arthurs Seat View Spot
  • 3.00 PM Peninsula Hot Springs
  • 5 PM leave the Mornington Peninsula
  • 7 PM Reach at your hotel in Melbourne

Mornington Penisula Hot Springs
Unwind at an open-air day spa and let your skin enjoy the numerous essential minerals in the warm water. Peninsula Hot Springs provide different medications that originate from the customs of the native people of Australia.

Private Wine Visits Mornington Peninsula
Unwind and make the most of your time at each chosen winery.

Montalto Sculpture garden and winery
Appreciate a wine sampling at various incredible boutique wineries in the Mornington Peninsula.

Each visit can be custom fitted to suit your needs. Our tour-guides will lead you to the finest parts of the locale.
Practical information
Strawberry Farm
Dairy Farm
Brighton Beach Boxes
Enchanted Mazes (Award-Winning Maze Gardens and 3D Mazes)
Ashcombe Mazes and Lavender Garden
Cape Schanck Lighthouse Walk
Portsea Beaches
Private Bathing at the Hot Springs
Spa Treatments at the Peninsula Hot Springs

Please note that the minimum amount of guests is 1 and the maximum is 7. If there are more than 7 guests wanting to go on one of our tours, it is possible that we can arrange a larger vehicle, but extra costs apply.
  • Private guide
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Bottled Water
  • Admission ticket to the Hot Springs with a towel upon arrival
  • Lunch and wine tasting fees in the itinerary
  • Luxury touring vehicle
Not Included
  • Additional wine/beverages
1-7 people
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7 guests
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Daily10:00 AM
9 H
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  • Cancellations made at a later date will not be refunded.
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Amazing Experience
We had the best experience with our guide for the day Julie made our day exceptional. She was so lovely, friendly and knowledgeable and really catered the day to suit Brad and I and left no details out. We would now have been able to see the parts of Melbourne we seen on this tour in the short time we were there without Julie.I Highly recommend this tour for any couple looking to spend a day with ... more beautiful food, wine and relaxing in hot spring spas!
Overall Experience
Tastings Nearby
Victoria, Australia
7 H
Enjoy a marvelous, comprehensive tour on our private Mornington Peninsula Winery visits. Taste fine locally produced and a rich assortment of wines. ... more
Begin your day at Crittenden estate, an inviting winery that offers one of a kind Italian and Spanish wine varieties.

Head towards the Red Hill, the core of the Mornington Peninsula wine area. Here you’ll enjoy a delicious lunch at either at the winery or in the olive woods. There are numerous areas that provide various encounters for lunch. You can kindly inquire for more information and select the ideal location for your private visit.

With over 50 basement entryways in the zone, Mornington Peninsula is particularly respectable for its Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. You’ll have a variety of wineries to visit. On the chance that you have a few areas that you might want to visit, it would be ideal if you inform us, we can also show you some of the finest wineries, for example, Paringa Estate, Tucks Ridge and Ten Minutes by Tractor.

The day’s trip ends at Arthurs Seat, an exquisite view of the Mornington Peninsula.

Suggested Tour Schedule

Picturesque drive along the Melbourne beach

Find the Mornington Peninsula

Crittenden Estate wine sampling

Delicious contemporary Australian lunch paired with wine

Paringa Estate

Dairy or Strawberry Farm

Arthurs Seat View point


Montalto Sculpture garden and winery
Appreciate a wine sampling at some awesome boutique vineyards in the Mornington Peninsula.

Private Wine Visits Mornington Peninsula
Unwind and make the most of your time at each chosen vineyard.

Boutique Vineyards
There are numerous amazing vineyards with character in the Mornington Peninsula. We guarantee every private visit is custom made to fit your needs.

We can customize your visit to fit your needs and the wine tasting.
Victoria, Australia
9 H
The day starts as you visit the Mornington cape, coming from the word 'morning'. The program is loaded with delights, rich encounters and delectable stops anticipates you. ... more

The main stop will be at the uppermost point of the peninsula. From the perception deck 'Arthur's seat' you will enjoy the phenomenal views of the Phillip Bay and a scene of Melbourne.

At that point you will visit a couple of neighborhood wineries, which are situated among the slopes of the promontory, shrouded in vineyards. The climatic states of the Mornington promontory influence on the wine making of the area.

Chiller than in South Australia and New South Wales, Victoria's atmosphere offers the nearby wines their unique taste and smell. From the grapes developed on the promontory wineries deliver intriguing splendid wine with an articulated trailing sensation and a sensitive fragrance. After touring the wineries you get the chance to sample Shiraz, Chardonnay and Victorian Pinot Noir.

Amid the visit to the wineries, you will likewise have the capacity to eat at an adjacent eatery or bistro.

At that point you will go to a cheesery, where all unique kinds of goat cheese is made with local recipe.

Nearby rancher utilizes the goats milk, which all year feed on the green fields of the cape, this is the reason the cheese making in these cheeseries is alluded to as being environmental friendly, unpolluted and hygienic. Amid the visit you will have the capacity to see the production itself, attempting the varied cheeses.
After the delicious lunch and cheddar is the best time to appreciate some chocolate and a few strawberries. You will then visit a strawberry cultivate. You will have the capacity to taste the sweet-smelling strawberries, and in the timeframe amongst November and April, pick the best berries for yourself direct from the beds.

In a little bistro you can appreciate local strawberry mixers, jams and different desserts, have some espresso with a marvelous pastry, and appreciate the essence of crisp strawberries with chocolate. You will have the opportunity to purchase and request whatever you might want as well. At that point in the neighborhood chocolate processing plant, you will be treated with a superb and unique arrangement of sweets, lollies and chocolates.

The following stop – Cape Schanck – an extraordinary place. Anticipating for you, you will have a walk around the incredibly excellent place, which has maintained its unique view, made by nature many years prior. From the perception deck, you will view the wild shoreline, watch the volcanic arrangements and appreciate the amazing perspective of the sea.

The last destination of the tour is a hot mineral water springs out in the open. Following an extremely tiring day, the time has come to unwind and encounter some genuine relaxation. You will visit the spa, which has about twenty pools with soothing waters of various temperatures. One of the pools is situated at the highest point of the hill, where an all-round view is accessible or the encompassing scenes. You can move openly starting with one pool then onto the next, which have different temperatures and concentrations of the therapeutic salts. The spa complex is recommended to guests all ages, although there are zones, where individuals above the age of 16 can rest. This is the situation to take into consideration if you want to unwind from the commotion, and noise.

After the therapeutic pools, you will return to Melbourne.
Red Hill South, Victoria, Australia
9 H
This day you will spend on the Mornington Peninsula, one hour drive from the Melbourne CBD. In the program is a visit to various wineries of the area, for example, Paringa estate, ... moreT'Gallant, Montalto and The Glass estate.

Throughout the day you will appreciate extraordinary treats and mind blowing displays and view of the Mornington Cape. The Mornington Cape is found only an hour’s drive from Melbourne. Fresh air, wineries and olive forests, you are brought into a different universe.

The visit program incorporates visits to various vineyards. To begin with, you will visit the cutting edge vineyard Paringa Field, where grapes of all kinds, for example, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Pinot Gris are developed. The wine delivered here is the holder of numerous honors and prizes, gained in the global competitions, and earned acknowledgment in Australia as well as in Europe and Asia.

The following stop will be T'Gallant, having some expertise in developing the species Pinot Gris (Pinot Grigio).

As of late, the produce of this winery have over and over gotten lofty honors and prizes and are highly ranked in the wineries of planet. You can appreciate a sample of the best works of neighborhood winemakers and alternatively visit the trattoria, where you can delight in a basic and enchanting Italian dinner. Another winery, which opened to the general population in 2002 – Montalto. Notwithstanding the broad wineries, you can see olive forests and plantations, which develop pears, apples, figs, quinces, avocado, persimmon, citrus and berry fields with cranberries and raspberries. From the subsequent reap, four assortments of olive oil, chutneys, jelly, jams and substantially more are harvested. All the produce of nearby natural produce can be purchased in the shop at the winery.
Completing your acquaintance with the winery area of the Mornington Cape you will visit the winery Red hill estate. Vines developing on the volcanic and sedimentary rocks of the nearby slopes take in the ocean air, resulting in excellently finished exquisite wines. The most noteworthy quality Red hill estate items have turned into a brand of Victoria's cool atmosphere. You can sample some of the finest kind such as Pinot Gris Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Chardonnay.

At that point enjoy some rest and lunch of two-meal course from the Cup estate eatery (to your cost). Other than incredible sustenance and neighborhood wine, here you get also marvelous perspective of Western Port Bay.

The following fascinating location of this journey will be the Main ridge Dairy – a ranch known for the making of cheddar and milk items from goat's milk. Amid the tastings, you will appreciate a collection and assortment of cheeses. In the neighborhood agriculturist's shop, you can purchase cheddar and milk items as well as refreshments and some of the gifts.

At that point the Sunny Ridge strawberry farm is waiting for you. From Nov. to April anybody can come and pick for themselves an entire bin of sweet berries. Amid the arrival drive to Melbourne, you will tour the chocolate processing plant, situated in the town of Flinders. Here you will find, how the most scrumptious Australian chocolates and lollies are made by hand, and in the neighborhood bistro.

You will be offered a rich decision of chocolate and lollies as well as treats and dessert.

After coming back to Melbourne, you will be dropped off at your lodging.