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On this tour we get behind the scenes of NYC culinary sceneries, participate on the culinary activities of preparing the 4-course progressive meal as we chat with the restaurant owners, chefs and culinary professionals.

On each of our 3-hour private food excursion we will visit four restaurants. Each course is well prepared by our chefs and will be served at different restaurants. We will also extend one of your 4-course progressive meal to comprise a hands-on culinary session that includes either a mixology lesson or dessert making session.
  • On the mixology, you will be enlightened on the spirits in your cocktails, know their origins, history and how to mix them. This 45-minute session will leave you excited shaking cocktails with your group mates. OR
  • During the 45-minute dessert hands-on lesson, you will learn about the ingredients in your dessert. Know how to prepare the desserts and later indulge in the delicious desserts with your group members.
Please let us know your preference.
Min. 8 people
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3 H
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New York, New York, United States
1,5 H
The meatpacking district was once an industrial neighborhood, now turned hip commercial area full of fashionable places such as high-end designer clothing stores. As you wind your ... moreway through some of these chic and upscale areas, you can pick up a fresh poppy bagel as you marvel at how industrial spaces can be transformed into upmarket real-estate. Better yet, the fresh bagels can perhaps be your appetizer, for when you visit the fine eateries and taste some of the imported gourmets in this landmark location, considering the oreo cookie originated from here.

High Line, as the name suggests, is a highly elevated pathway which has been ingeniously transformed into a park, the only one of its kind in New York. Built on the former New York Central Railroad which was abandoned for years, it now a one-mile long sightseeing adventure. One thing about exploring nature trails or going on a sight-seeing walk is that you might get hungry but luckily, there are hotels and restaurants that line this area. Additionally, the elevation factor creates a breathtaking view of the Hudson River and the street life below. Simply, put, this is a bagel tour within a sight-seeing tour where you can experience the tastes and sounds of a unique area.

Bagel Tour Tidbits

Did you know? Chelsea market, which is within the Meatpacking district, is a destination for baked goods, fresh bagels, and fresh food altogether while it was initially a wholesale meat market.

Did you know? The High line was built in the 1930s to eliminate traffic congestion which is why it is elevated above the roads.
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New York, New York, United States
2,5 H
These are two historical neighborhoods with contrasting cultures, yet they share a myriad of similarities. Immigrating to New York, Lower Manhattan, during the same timeline of the ... more1800s, they quickly contributed to the cultural diversity, especially in architecture and gastronomy. Whether it is a historic tea parlor and the largest Buddhist temple in Chinatown or the oldest pizzeria and Americas oldest cheese shop in Little Italy, there is a lot to explore. Apart from Chinese dumplings and genuine dim sum, or Italian olives and Sicilian pastry, Ben can guide you to some fresh garlic bagel.

Bagel Tour Tidbits

Did you know? The Italian and Chinese were never fond of the bagel, in fact, Italy has its own version of the bagel called Tarallo.

Did you know? When Chinese gangs/tongs needed to escape police pursuits, they did so through tunnels which are nowadays used as office malls.
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New York, New York, United States
1,5 H
It is somewhat bizarre when a train terminal is considered as one of the top-ten touring sights in the world right? Well, there is a hidden gem inside this triumph of architecture ... morethat is over 100 years old - the food establishments or eateries lining the hallways! Some of the trains such as the 20th Century were considered to be the trendsetters for luxury-trains at the time, and it is no coincidence that this inspired the Grand Central Market. The lower level dining concourse, which is below ground, has a unique atmosphere considering that many tourists visit here to explore the food culture after they tour New York, which as you know, is a very expansive city. With a landmark status granted in 1976, it is no doubt that the standards for everything went a notch higher, including the tastes to savor!

Bagel Tour Tidbits

Did you know? In 1998 the Grand Central Terminal's lower concourse was converted into a lavish food promenade with exquisite eateries such as Zaro's Bakery for fresh bagels.

Did you know? At the Grand Central's main concourse, a zodiac painting that is upside down has a point of view similar to if you were looking down upon it from the heavens.