Gin Making Classes: GINiology™ in Edmonds, Washington

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Looking for a truly fun and unique experience? Do you enjoy learning new things? Are you a Gin enthusiast? If you answered yes then this gin making GINiology class is for you! 

Located just 30 minutes outside of Seattle, send an interesting evening finding out exactly which gin is right for you. Which unique blend best represents your style. You will also learn about the history and production of gin, while enjoying a couple of classic Gin cocktails. Taste the many independent flavors used to make most gins in the world. What does orris root taste like when isolated from other flavors? What about elderflower, or cucumber?

Create your own personal botanical recipe which you can take home with you! If you could make your perfect gin, what would you include? What would you exclude? In addition to the standard juniper flavor (big or minimalist), do I want my gin to have: Heat? Citrus? Spice? Floral notes? This personal gin experience represents who you are as a gin fan!

A truly unique experience where you can craft your own gin with personalized assistance in an intimate group environment and even take it home that evening! You can also reorder your gin recipe at any time (and why wouldn’t you, because yours is the best ever).
Practical information
- The ideal size group is up to 10 gin enthusiasts per event, with the intent to keep an intimate and personal experience, however a larger group can be accommodated if requested.
- We respectfully request greater than one week’s notice for reschedules. If rescheduling with less than a week’s notice, a $30 per person rescheduling fee will be charged.
- When you reorder your custom Gin the cost will be $50 + taxes.
8 ppl max
Start Time
Weekly on Saturday7:30 PM
Weekly on Saturday6:30 PM
3 H
Frequently Asked Questions
Yes. Or, you are welcome to bring in food, we just cannot serve it under our Tasting Room License.
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  • Cancellations made at a later date will not be refunded.
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Join one of our expert local guides as we kick off our day with a visit to roaring Snoqualmie Falls, an 82 m (268 foot) waterfall roaring between Puget Sound and the Cascade Mountains. We’ll drive through green-wooded lowlands with several historic farms, on the way to Woodinville, the heart of Seattle’s winery scene. This destination is home to over 100 lively and entrepreneurial winemakers and offers a perfect location for an unpretentious and approachable tasting of local wines. To a majority of Wine lovers, Washington is the melting pot of New World fruit with Old World design and offers the finest California ripeness and French Polish.
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We are keen to ensure you have the best experience possible, we, therefore, optimize each trip based on the season, guest interest and weather conditions.

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10:00 AM: Snoqualmie Falls

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Drop-off at your vacation rental or Seattle hotel. Our precise arrival time is subject to road conditions and traffic.
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This Bainbridge Island tour enables you to explore the wooded country getaway that has attracted Seattleites for a long time as they seek nature and relaxation. This destination is ... morelocated amongst thick forests, acres of parkland, and picturesque bays that takes you to a burgeoning wine-making setting and delightful Bloedel Reserve. Characterized by the quaint and welcoming community, Bainbridge’s new generation of winemakers is creating excellent wine in one of the most charming locations in our region. This Bainbridge Island winery and Bloedel Reserve excursion offer an extremely approachable and enjoyable Seattle day tour.
Join one of our expert local guides as we drive you to the Island on the delightful Washington State Ferry, whilst you take in panoramic views of Seattle and the nearby mountains. Once on Bainbridge, we’ll proceed to the breathtaking Bloedel Reserve. Here, you can take a walk through the alluring forests and appreciate the well-manicured gardens at the estate that was formerly owned by a wealthy timber family. Afterward, we’ll explore the entire Bainbridge’s rich history, with a visit to the Japanese Exclusion Memorial. This will be followed by a visit to three carefully curated local wineries that offer an educational, enjoyable, and relaxing tasting experience.
We are keen to ensure you have the best possible experience, we, therefore, optimize each tour depending on the guest interest, weather conditions and season.

A typical itinerary:

8:30 AM: Morning pick-up at your vacation rental or Seattle hotel in our luxurious Mercedes van.

9:30 AM: Ferry to Bainbridge Island

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10:30 AM: Bloedel Reserve

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Conclude your day on Bainbridge with an evening in Winslow, the island’s delightful downtown district. With restaurants, boutique shops, and tasting rooms, it’s the ideal way to conclude the day. You’ll enjoy a free and relaxed 10-minute walk-on to the ferry back to downtown Seattle.

Approx. 5:30 PM: Drop-off at your vacation rental or Seattle hotel. Our precise arrival time is subject to road conditions and traffic.
/ Person
Edmonds, Washington, United States
1 H
Don't pass up tasting one of the best gins in the Pacific Northwest and a tour of a beautiful and modern distillery as well! Learn all about the distilling process with an informative ... moresession on how this spirit gin is made. Later taste a variety of gin samples from their winning spirit collection. Enjoy!