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Activity Overview
Our foodie tour walks you through Lima's favorite neighborhood, Barranco which is known for its amazing food scene and night life. Barranco's restaurants offer some of the freshest ingredients and interesting flavors, with recipes handed down from generation to generation. We visit only the best restaurants, bars and cafes while sampling the exotic flavors from local farmers and artisan producers.

Take the guesswork out of your trip on this small group food walking tour and leave it to us to show you around.
  • 6 restaurants.
  • 15 different plates, drinks and beverages.
  • Experience Tour Guide.
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  • Extra food or drinks.
  • Tips for the Tour Guide (optional).
2 - 10
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Daily6:00 PM
3 H
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The tour starts outdoors Starbucks in Barranco
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Barranco, Municipalidad Metropolitana De Lima, Peru
3 H
Our cuisine is influenced by many cultures and cuisines of other countries. In our restaurant located in a beautiful colonial house in the middle of the bohemian neighborhood of Barranco, ... moreour Chef Jason Roman will teach you how to make three of the most emblematic dishes and drinks of Peru; ceviche, leche de tigre and pisco sour.

You will also taste and learn about three delicious traditional dishes of the north of Peru; ceviche de pato (duck stew prepared in citrus sauce and Peruvian spices), red pachamanca (slow-cooked pork in achiote plant sauce), carapulcra (afroperuvian stew cooked with dried potatoes, poultry broth, ají panca (red chili) and roasted peanuts) mazamorra morada (dessert made with purple corn).

You will learn about Peruvian culture and the extraordinary variety of Peruvian products.



1° dish: Leche de tigre (tiger’s milk)

2° dish: Ceviche

You will make your own ceviche, following the Chef’s instructions and tips

Tasting of your ceviche

You will make your own pisco sour


Peruvian craft beer

Traditional dishes of the north of Peru: Ceviche de pato (duck stew prepared in citrus sauce and Peruvian spices), Pachamanca roja (slow-cooked pork in achiote plant sauce) and carapulcra (afroperuvian stew cooked with dried potatoes, poultry broth, ají panca (red chili) and roasted peanuts)

Mazamorra morada (dessert made with purple corn)
/ Person
Barranco District, Lima Region, Peru
3 H
We cordially invite you to discover and be a part of and amazing gastronomic experience in the hippest and most bohemian neighborhood of Lima, Barranco! Featuring a plethora of world ... moreclass restaurants, we will take you to taste the best dishes of the best restaurants, some famous, and others, hidden gems that only locals know about. Regardless. they all serve food that will delight the most demanding palates beyond belief!

Our experienced and entertaining guides will effortlessly guide you thru, while tasting 8 to 12 different dishes, in 5 or 6 of the best restaurants in Barranco. We taste traditional Criolla food, Japanese Peruvian food Nikkei, Peruvian Chinese food Chifa, and some secret fusion places where you will experience firsthand and incredible explosion of flavors you probably have never tasted before. No need to sit in traffic, as we easily walk from one place to another, while enjoying the magical and enchanting night ambiance of Barranco.

You get all this for a very affordable price, that includes all the food, a cocktail or a dessert! We believe this to be a very good value for your money, as you will end the tour completely satisfied! After the tour, your guide will be happy to recommend chic and superb places to go enjoy some drinks, live music, or whatever tickles your fancy!

Some of the restaurants we visit include Isolina, Merito, 7, Ventarron, La 73, Chifa Union, among other hidden gems! Please look them up and see how folks are raving about them.
/ Person
Lima, Callao Region, Peru
3 H
Enrolling for a culinary class while visiting Lima is a great opportunity for those who love cooking since Lima is the gastronomic center of Latin America. ... more

The cooking class will be at the Mirasol Restaurant, situated in Chorrillos. Taking part in this culinary activity will enhance your knowledge of Peruvian cuisine and will extraordinarily upgrade your cooking abilities. You will get the chance to taste what you cook while being directed and taught by our professional chefs. Our top-notch culinary expert is Andres Rosas, a famous chef known all over the world for his ability and incredible capacities in the kitchen.

The following is what will be taught in the workshop.

1. Ceviche de Pescado
Ceviche is soaked in lime juice, where our limes are the most delicious and appealing on the planet. Apart from a unique flavor, the citrus extract cooks the seafood or fish to flawlessness! Present day style ceviche, promoted during the 1970s, has a short marinating time typically. Ceviche is constantly made when ordered and making it at that moment makes it the freshest meal on earth.

2. Lomo Saltado
Cooking Lomo Saltado is done by marinating sirloin segments of prime steak in soy sauce, vinegar, and mystery flavors. Once marinated, they are then mixed with fried with red onions, tomatoes, and parsley. The use of potatoes (which originate from Peru) and rice (which originates from Asia) as starches is a classic combination of two cultures that the cuisine represents.

3. Pisco Sour
Pisco Sour is a cocktail whose main component is alcohol, and it’s popularly known as a South American drink. The beverage's name originates from pisco, which refers to alcohol, and the cocktail applies to the mixture of acidic citrus juice and other sweet ingredients. The Pisco Sour features Peruvian pisco as the base alcohol and includes newly crushed lime juice, simple-made syrup, egg white, ice and Angostura sharp flavoring. All these ingredients are perfectly mixed to produce our signature cocktail!