Cooking and wine experience of Šumadija - Belgrado, Serbia

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Cooking and wine tasting of Sumadija
The food and wine tasting tour to the Serbia’s Sumadija Wine region is quite a magnet! You’ll have the opportunity to experience the tasty wine and dishes of the western Serbian people. The local experts will show you how to come up with authentic local cuisines using home-grown ingredients. Of course, you’ll love to visit some of the leading wineries and have a taste of the wines they make.

Day 1 - Introduction to the wineries
You’ll have to arrange either for a pick up at your hotel room or at a station to meet #YourSerbiaHost. Then, you’re scheduled to proceed to the eastern direction of Sumadija to visit two wineries. Well, each has a unique way of processing wine. You’ll first come across Radovanovic winery; one of the pioneers in modern winemaking in Serbia. The winery started about thirty years ago and is currently among the top three wine producer in the country. The winery is well known for the superb Cabernet Sauvignon which has secured various international awards. Visiting the winery and at least tasting a few labels is quite adventurous! The second winery is Despotika. Well, this is a younger winery whose ambitious owner aims at making authentic Serbian wines using Morava and Prokupac grapes. Despotika has their wine aging in barrique barrels made from the Serbian oak. You’ll love the taste of various labels of wine they make. Later, we’ll take you to Mala vrbica and Colovic for dinner and some accommodation for the night.

Day 2 - Cooking class
The day is scheduled to start with a sumptuous breakfast. Later, you will be required to get the required ingredients to start the cookery class. You’ll take a walk in the woods to get some forest fruits. Ivan will be our host and guide while his mother the cooking trainer. In the afternoon, we’ll enjoy the dishes for lunch and later have time to relax at the pool at a stone throw or stroll around the area. The place is perfect for nightlife. Hence, taking some time outside to admire the clear sky can be worthwhile.

Day 3 - Wine tasting in the Sumadija wine region capital
Of course, after staying for the nightlife, you’ll have to spend the night at Ivan’s place. The third day starts with us heading to the capital of Sumadija wine region; Topola. To begin with, you’ll land in King’s wine cellar that was set up in 1931 by Yugoslavian king Alexander. However, the winery is now state-owned. The next is Aleksandrovic winery. It’s probably Serbia’s most prominent winery. Finally, you’ll get to the young but promising Arsenijevic winery. All these wineries produce various labels that you’ll love tasting. Later, we’ll join Nemanja, the owner of Arsenijevic winery for lunch at a nearby restaurant and then leave for Belgrade. It will only take us an hour.
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Accommodation in House of Čolović is 4 star categorized, which considers high level of comfort and service. If you want to customize the itinerary or you need transfer service to/from Belgrade before/after the tour please mention that in inquiry. Every additional service or customization of the itinerary can affect the price.
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Tastings Nearby
Belgrade, Serbia
8 H
Among the well-known wine regions in Serbia is Sumadija. This region was named after the fact that it had remained covered in a thick forest until the 19th century. Later, the royal ... morefamily Karadordevic who owned 50 hectares of vineyards in the early 20th century cultivated it and did some winemaking. They ended up making a super advanced wine production in the entire Europe at the time.

This tour is meant to take you to various wineries to give you an overview of the Sumadija wine. All the wineries, ranging from the most recent such as Despotika to the oldest such as the Royal Wine Cellar, offer worthwhile wine tasting events.

We’ll make the first stop at Vlaski; the Despotika winery. There are several labels to taste with most common coming from Morava; an indigenous Serbian grape variety. We’ll then proceed to Topola; the capital of Sumadija Wine region. The vineyard, formerly owned by the royal family, is now state-owned. Unfortunately, the vineyard utilizes 11 hectares only which is quite small compared to the 50 hectare when the Royal family was in charge. Fortunately, the royal wine cellar is still in perfect condition. Hence, you’ll get to see how the king made his wine some years ago. You’ll also not miss on the archive where the wines were kept from the 1930s.

We’ll move to Aleksandrovic winery; quite modern yet produce very high-quality traditional wine. The winery has a wide history of how Aleksandrovic renewed his vineyard and used a recipe from an old king’s winemaker during the WWII. Aleksandrovic produces various labels. Perhaps you’ll want to taste the famous Triumph and sparkling wines. Finally, we’ll make a stop at the promising Arsenijevic wineries. Here, we’ll have some classic cuisines and wine tasting before ending the trip.
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Belgrade, Serbia
8 H
Immerse yourself in the amazing wine scene of Šumadija with our Friday wine tours. They take place on one day of the week only, all year round!... more

Your day starts at 10am, when your friendly chaperone will show you round the amazing Despotika and Aleksandrović vineyards, and the gorgeous wine cellar at Arsenijević. Here, you will learn all about local wines and get to sample a few too, of course.

Once your tour has begun, one of the key sites to visit is Topola, which is right at the heart of the fertile, beautiful Šumadija wine region. This is where the royal family themselves have historically made their wines, and your guides will let you in on a few of their royal secrets. Open the door to the stunning royal 'Wine Archive' and be transported back to the 1930s, a classic era for wines.

Now, we fast forward to a more modern winery: the Aleksandrović winery mentioned above, famous for its sparkling wines. The jewel in its crown is the Trijumf (or 'Triumph') wine, made from a closely-guarded recipe. Don't worry, you won't leave without being offered a sip or two of Trijumf!

Finally, you'll meet the future of winemaking: young winemakers in Šumadija!