Wine tasting and sommelier training is not just for the 'elite': absolutely anyone can enjoy this unique experience. Taking some wine 101 classes with us, or booking yourself in to a beer course, will teach you all that you need to know to savor the world's finest wines, spirits, and craft beers. We have courses to suit all tastes!

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Edmonds, Washington, United States
3 H
Looking for a truly fun and unique experience? Do you enjoy learning new things? Are you a Gin enthusiast? If you answered yes then this gin making GINiology class is for you! ... more

Located just 30 minutes outside of Seattle, send an interesting evening finding out exactly which gin is right for you. Which unique blend best represents your style. You will also learn about the history and production of gin, while enjoying a couple of classic Gin cocktails. Taste the many independent flavors used to make most gins in the world. What does orris root taste like when isolated from other flavors? What about elderflower, or cucumber?

Create your own personal botanical recipe which you can take home with you! If you could make your perfect gin, what would you include? What would you exclude? In addition to the standard juniper flavor (big or minimalist), do I want my gin to have: Heat? Citrus? Spice? Floral notes? This personal gin experience represents who you are as a gin fan!

A truly unique experience where you can craft your own gin with personalized assistance in an intimate group environment and even take it home that evening! You can also reorder your gin recipe at any time (and why wouldn’t you, because yours is the best ever).
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