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Craft Beer Trends 2017

By Nikko Ater 8/7/2017 5 minutes

What are Craft Beers?

Craft beer is defined by the Brewers Association in several key ways that distinguish these beers from larger manufacturing processes. The important difference between conventional beers and craft are amount of production, control of the manufacturing, and how the brewer makes the beer. A craft brewery usually has an annual production of 6 million barrels or fewer. These breweries tend to be independent, not owned by larger companies. A craft brewery should have less than a 25% investment from a bigger brewery. Craft brewers tend to use traditional brewing methods or innovative ingredients for brewing and fermentation. 

What are Craft Beer Types?

Craft beers are roughly typed by ingredients and manufacturing processes. The primary craft beer types are brown ale, Indian Pale Ale, Porter, Stout, Fruit beers, and Hefeweizen. 

· Brown Ales
Brown ales are beers that are reddish-brown or amber beers. The ingredients may differ as the name is based on the colour. These will often have tastes of coffee, caramel, toffee, or malt. 

· Indian Pale Ales
Indian pale ales, in contrast to brown ales, tend to have a bitterer and sharper flavour, with a large amount of hops added as preservative. The taste is of pine, grapefruit, or roses. 

· Stout
Stout beers are thick, dark hued, and creamy. Stouts are made using roasted barley or roasted malt, water, hops, and yeast. These beers have the aroma and taste of chocolate, coffee, molasses, or liquorice.

· Porter
Porters are like stouts, dark coloured beer. However, porters have a milder aroma and taste than stouts with hints of espresso, and roasted grains.

· Hefeweizen
Hefeweizen is a south German wheat beer style made with a high amount of wheat. It has fruity flavours of apples, bubblegum, banana, or cloves. The beers have an unfiltered and cloudy appearance from the yeast.

Trends in Craft Beer

While the craft beer market is slowing down, there are still trends to delight beer connoisseurs. The craft beer market has matured, however, it is at 5% growth but able to produce tasty beers. The trends in craft beer for 2017 tend to be Indian pale ales, lager, milk-infused beers, and diversity. The classic British brew of Indian pale ales still dominates the market in 2017. Innovation in brewing is part of the market for this favourite beverage. The tendency is to use many hops to obtain a bright, fruity flavour. This doesn’t mean there isn’t room for other beer types. Lagers instilled with maple syrup are popular beers. Experimentation is also a hallmark of contemporary craft beers. Milk sugar-infused beers add a unique taste sensation for beer aficionados. In fact, diversity in beer tasting drives the market, with retailers willing to try new and experimental brews. As a tasting company, we offer an incomparable venue for finding the perfect craft beer from the best of 2017. Please join in experiencing superb craft beers.

Nikko Ater