Wine Holiday in Oregon

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Oregon: the Home to All Kinds of Wine
Awesome wine experience is encountered by both professionals and less skilled personnel in all places within the region. Pinot Noir is among the well-known wines of all times because of its unique taste. Even the number 1 hotel Spa (Allison inn and spa) in the U.S as per travel & leisure magazine acknowledges this fact. Adelhem vineyard is among the pioneers of the Oregon wine industry where there is a winemaking facility. You can have a comprehensive overview here. All the machines and resources required can be accessed and verified by interested personnel. History of winemaking is all documented in the Willamette Valley. This dates back to ancient time and explanations of how wine came to be are detailed here. Another Willamette Valley pioneer with regards to the wine industry is the Sokol Blosser.

Domaine Serene is famous for exceptional wines, which are made in an italaianesque winery high top the red hills. The technique used is not quite understandable to many, but the products meet the customer’s needs. Newly released Black Brutt is available at Argyle winery for sampling. Taste and quality are compared here with the standard unit, and any differences can be noted. Stoller family estate is a firm where gravity methods, efficient heating, and cooling are adopted to synthesize top-notch wines with less environmental impact. The process might seem costly, but the result has a positive effect towards health and the environment. King estate winery was dedicated to blending Oregon wines with locally crafted ingredients many of which are grown in the estate. A tour of the properties is guaranteed to enable people to view the wine ingredients.

Schmidt Family Vineyards located in Applegate Valley are known for quality Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. The wines have a great taste all of which satisfy customer needs and expectations. Troon Vineyard is known for unique blends, varietals (Vermentino and Tannat) and amazing Zinfandels. Since the 1850s, Valley view winery leaves you with great memories of Oregon and her wine products. Oregon wine has been known for quality taste and is a great investment.

Day 1 | Arrive in Portland and indulge in an urban, artisan wine experience at Enso Winery.

Day 2 | Wine tasting and tour at ponzi Winery. Set atop a panoramic slope, the state-of-the-art winery and modern tasting room are surrounded by the majestic Avellana Vineyard. Visit David Hill Winery, home to the Willamette Valley’s oldest Pinot Noir Vines.

Day 3 | Begin your day at Adelsheim Vineyard, one of the pioneers of the Oregon wine industry. Enjoy a comprehensive overview of the winemaking facility and a discussion of the history of winemaking in the Willamette Valley. Enjoy a walk through the vineyards and a tour of the LEED-certified barrel cellar at another Willamette Valley wine pioneer, Sokol Blosser. Stop at red Hills Market for a picnic lunch and bocce ball, then experience the “Taste of the Past” tour at Domaine Serene, where unparalleled wines are made in an Italianesque winery high atop the Red Hills.

Overnight in the Dundee hills at the Black Walnut inn and Vineyard, a luxurious inn with sweeping views of vines, a hazelnut orchard and Mt. Hood.

Day 4 Sample a selection of wines
– including the newly released Black Brut sparkling wine at argyle Winery. Visit Stoller Family Estate, where gravity-flow winemaking techniques, energy-efficient heating and cooling, and waste-water reclamation are used to produce world-class wines with minimal environmental impact. Enjoy lunch, tasting and a tour at King Estate Winery, dedicated to pairing Oregon wines with locally crafted ingredients, many of which are grown in the Estate’s 30-acres of organic gardens and orchards. Overnight in the heart of downtown Eugene at the elegant inn at the 5th.

Day 5 | Head to Southern Oregon and enjoy a private tasting of Mediterranean varietals in the Bacchus Room and the Library Wine Cellar at abacela Winery. Visit Schmidt Family Vineyards, located in the beautiful Applegate Valley and known for quality Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. The Wild and Scenic Rogue River that flows through Grants Pass offers amazing boating experiences. Enjoy dinner and a cruise on the river with Hellgate Jetboat Excursions.
Overnight at the historic Weasku inn near Grants Pass.

Day 6 | Visit troon Vineyard and try their signature Zinfandels, unique blends and varietals such as Vermentino and Tannat.

The last winery you’ll visit while in Oregon was the first one here. Dating back to the 1850s, Valley View Winery is certain to leave you with great memories of Oregon and our wine. Overnight Medford

Day 7 | Today visit Crater lake national park. No place on earth combines a 592 meter deep crystal blue lake, 609 meter cliffs and a violent volcanic past. It is the deepest lake in the United States and the 7th deepest in the world. Farewell dinner and overnight at Crater Lake Lodge. Originally opened in 1915, the historic lodge offers an atmosphere reminiscent of the earlier era and immerses visitors in rustic charm with spectacular views of the lake.

Day 8 | Travel back to Portland or San Francisco, CA (supplemental cost from San Francisco, CA)
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Duration: 6 night; 7 days
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7 Days
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Portland, Oregon, United States
3 H
Join us for a Portland culinary and cooking adventure while we celebrate the great beer and the vast collection of flavors that it compliments. We are teaming up with the wonderful ... morefolks at Nourish Northwest to offer a food and beer pairing tour. 

We’ll discuss topics such as tasting tips, using beer as an ingredient in your recipe, what tasting characteristics beer lends to the finished product, and how to pair food and beer together for an ideal culinary experience. Our tour will begin at a brewing for beer 101 and an intro to the brewing process and how ingredients imparts flavors in beer. Then we'll head to Nourish Northwest for a cooking class where we'll craft a meal (Drunken Farro and Blood Orange Salad with Stout Balsamic Glaze and Winter Ale Chili)! And, of course, all of these recipes will both incorporate and be paired with amazing beer from some of Portland’s best breweries! We'll finish with a VIP experience at a local taproom. 

Tour includes transportation, hands-on cooking class, food, beer tasting, sampling journal, and pretzel necklace.
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Portland, Oregon, United States
9 Days
Highlights: Portland City Tour, International Rose Garden, Pittock Mansion and Chinese Gardens Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area including Multnomah Falls, Mt Hood, Timberline ... moreLodge

World renowned Crater Lake National Park

Scenic Rogue River and California Redwoods

Oregon Coast (Brookings, Depot Bay, Port Orford, Newport, Tillamook, Bandon, Pacific City, Florence)

Coastal Lighthouses

Experience Breweries throughout Oregon

Itinerary Summary:

1st Day
You’re scheduled to arrive and catch up with other touring groups at the Portland Airport. You’ll then have the opportunity to cruise around and glimpse the full allure of the city. The sight of places like Portland International Test Rose Garden, the downtown district, and the Pearl District will fascinate you! Later, you’ll proceed to your room to freshen up before taking a nightlife. You’ll love the dinner at Bridgeport Brewery. Of course, you’ll also have a chance to taste some keg and even buy some for yourself before proceeding to sleep.

2nd Day
The whole day is scheduled for a beer tasting on the outskirts of Portland. Of course, expect to taste the best of Portland’s beer and learn the secrets to the beverage! The first stop will have a beer tasting and educational session. The second stop will give you the opportunity to have some sumptuous lunch at a local brewery. Later, some beer tasting and dessert will be worthwhile. You’ll also have the opportunity to buy gifts and beer before departing to your hotel room.

3rd Day
Perhaps you’ll love the views of various scenic spots around. That’s alright! The trip is scheduled to take you round the glamorous Columbia River Gorge. You’ll love the sight of Oregon- Multnomah Falls as you proceed for lunch. Fortunately, a sumptuous lunch is inclusive of the Thunder Island Brewing Company tour. Later, we’ll make a stop at Mt Hood before proceeding to Smith Rock State Park. Taking an evening tour to Bend, Oregon will climax the day. There’s plenty to explore and enjoy at Sunriver Resort. In addition, you’ll love the experience at Central Oregon’s luxurious destination.

4th Day
You’re scheduled to visit Bend Oregon for beer tasting. You’ll visit the 10-barrel brewing for reshaped and unique beer tasting. Later, some luscious lunch at the Deschutes Brewery will be worthwhile. You’ll also have the chance to taste some of the leading beer labels before proceeding back to Sunriver for a fun-filled afternoon!

5th Day
The trip is scheduled to start at the High Desert Museum and then the Oregon Lava Beds National Museum. Here, you’ll explore the nature and culture of the people. After that, you’ll take some lunch and then head to Crater Lake National Park. Later, you’ll have a chance to explore the Grants Pass. Grant Pass also offers a quality nightlife!

6th Day
You’re scheduled to explore the incredible Jedidiah Smith Redwood National Park and Forest. A few spots at the various scenic spots will be worthwhile before proceeding for lunch at Brooking Oregon. Later, we’ll proceed to Brandon Port Orford and Coos Bay. The trip is quite an adventure!

7th Day
How about a visit to the lighthouse at the Oregon Coast? The sight of Central Oregon Coastline is a magnet! After this, you’ll have some sumptuous lunch before proceeding to Old Town Newport to experience the fishing docks as well as the shopping facilities. Later, stopping by Roque Brewery for dinner and beer tasting will be worthwhile.

8th Day
You’re scheduled to view the fascinating cliffs at Depoe Bay. A stop at the Pacific city for some beer tasting will do for the afternoon. Later, we’ll make a stop at the Tillamook cheese factory on our way to Portland. Here, you’ll love to see how cheese is made as well as taste some cheese. At Portland, you’ll have the farewell dinner; you’ll laugh, share, make friends and enjoy beer tasting at Oregon Brewery.

9th Day
Depending on when you want to leave, you’ll have a final chance to explore the Portland city as you head to the Airport to pick a flight home.
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Portland, Oregon, United States
8 Days
1st Day On the first day, you’ll arrive at Portland Airport. Here, you’ll be welcomed in Enso Winery for an urban and wine tasting experience.... more

2nd Day
You’ll start to explore the wine country. First, you’ll sample the known Pinot Noir. A complimentary wine tasting at Ponzi winery. How about tasting a few wines hand-picked by professional winemakers at Chehalem winery before proceeding to the wine cellar. Later, checking by the famous Allison inn and spa will complete the adventure!

3rd Day
The tour is scheduled to start at Adelsheim Vineyard. You’ll explore the winemaking process alongside learning a few secrets to a quality wine on the table. Later, you’ll stop at Red Hill Market for lunch and some shopping. You’ll love the wine tasting sessions here. In the evening, stopping at the Black Walnut Inn and Vineyard will be worthwhile.

4th Day
The trip is scheduled for wine tasting at various facilities. You’ll start with the Stoller Family Estate and explore the various winemaking secrets. Later, we’ll stop by for lunch and some wine tasting at King Estate Winery. After this, we’ll proceed to Eugene at the Elegant inn for dinner and overnight.

5th Day
We’ll proceed south of Oregon and experience a private wine tasting of Mediterranean varietals! Wineries such as Schmidt Family vineyard will offer you fine wine labels with unique blends and flavors. Later, you’ll set off to enjoy the sight of spots such as Rogue River, Grant Pass; just to mention a few. Checking in at Weasku inn for dinner and nightlife experience.

6th Day
How about visiting the Troon Vineyard and try out their unique blends like Vermentino or Tannat? Well, the winery dates back in the 1850s. You’ll love the taste of wine labels produced here. If that’s not enough, how about a taste of wine at Valley View Winery? They’ll definitely leave you with great memories of quality wine.

7th Day
Here, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the famous Crater Lake National Park. The scenic spot combines a 592m deep crystal blue lake with 609m cliffs with a violent volcanic past. That’s fascinating! You’ll love the sight of the deepest lake in the United States and the 7th globally. Later, you’ll proceed for the farewell dinner at Crater Lake Lodge. You’ll love the atmosphere; although, the thought of this being the last day will definitely be frustrating! Well, the spectacular view of the lake and its breeze will flush of the thoughts.

8th Day
Depending on your time for departure, you’ll travel back to San Francisco, CA.