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Activity Overview
Whiskey, by far the most famous liquor, is drunk all over the world. Often whiskey is identified with Scotland. Not entirely unjustified, since this is the most drunk whiskey and also in the supermarkets mainly Scotch whiskey can be found. A whiskey tasting can continue from 25 euros per person.

The world of whiskeys, however, goes far beyond Scotland alone. Countries like the US, Ireland, Canada and Japan also have a famous reputation when it comes to whiskey. In order to contain this multitude of whiskey types, whiskey tasting is an ideal activity.

The whiskey tasting will start off with a historical introduction of the spirit. Next, we discuss various distillation and preparation techniques used to produce whiskey and look at its influence on taste. Terms such as pot still, single malt, Speyside or Islay will no longer be a secret to you after this whiskey tasting. Afterwards, the whiskey tasting can really begin and the tasting starts.

The assortment of whiskey provided for this tasting can be tailor-made. For groups that have little or no knowledge of whiskey, we offer as an introductory package with an assortment of whiskeys from all over the world ranging from Scottish and Irish blended or single malt whisk(e)y's to American Rye's and Japanese whiskeys.

If the group already has knowledge of whiskey, you can decide for yourself what you want to include during the tasting. For example, you can opt to taste single malts from the Scottish Highlands. More specifically, only whiskeys from the Speyside region of at least 18 years old, a full range of Japanese whiskeys or a range of whiskeys from lesser-known regions such as India, South Africa or even Belgium. Combinations are also possible. In other words, the package is fully customizable to your wishes.

After the whiskey tasting, you have the opportunity to purchase the tasted bottles. There is also a menu book in which all these bottles are mentioned again with their main data and tasting notes.

Practical information
The whiskey tastings can take place either at a location provided by you and in our tasting room in the center of Antwerp.
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  • Cancellations made 2 days before will be fully refunded.
  • Cancellations made at a later date will not be refunded.
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