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Brooklyn, New York may be famous for its trendy craft beer scene right now but you should have seen it in the 19th century! Brooklyn was once home to 48 breweries, this ancient trade disappeared from the famous borough in the 1970s. On this BK walking tour, you will get a chance to learn more about how beer is made, explore the pre-prohibition era breweries that still stand and taste plenty of NY craft beers along with some classic NYC pizza. 

Our tours focus on the small, local (and usually hole-in-the-wall) spots that you never would've noticed on your own. Our local guides will introduce you to local shop owners, brewers, and more as we show you the places where we like to hang out. New York City is a walking city, the best way to experience it is wandering around its many diverse neighborhoods, and with small groups, you'll feel more like you're hanging out with friends rather than a big tour being herded around. We believe that local travel should truly benefit the local community. Too often when people travel they stick to things that are comfortable, like chain restaurants or shops that they recognize. That's why we promote all small businesses that support other local businesses and suppliers.

Whether you're a foodie, a craft beer fan, history buff, or just really love hanging out in NYC, this is the tour for you.
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Weekly on Sunday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday2:00 PM
4 H
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New York, New York, United States
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On this tour we get behind the scenes of NYC culinary sceneries, participate on the culinary activities of preparing the 4-course progressive meal as we chat with the restaurant owners, ... morechefs and culinary professionals.

On each of our 3-hour private food excursion we will visit four restaurants. Each course is well prepared by our chefs and will be served at different restaurants. We will also extend one of your 4-course progressive meal to comprise a hands-on culinary session that includes either a mixology lesson or dessert making session.

On the mixology, you will be enlightened on the spirits in your cocktails, know their origins, history and how to mix them. This 45-minute session will leave you excited shaking cocktails with your group mates. OR

During the 45-minute dessert hands-on lesson, you will learn about the ingredients in your dessert. Know how to prepare the desserts and later indulge in the delicious desserts with your group members.

Please let us know your preference.
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Join us as we experience New York City’s trendiest restaurants on this NYC East Village Food Tour. Delight in our 4-course progressive meal as you listen to tales of restaurant owners ... moreand chefs. You will also taste a bite of Little Ukraine, Alphabet city and the Bowery.

We will visit four restaurants for a 4-course progressive meal that includes, two appetizers, one main course meal and one dessert. All our East Village Food excursion is based on quality rather than quantity.


Delight in umami-flavored shiitake mushroom steamed buns by celebrity chef David Chang at the unique East Village eateries.

Enjoy goat cheese pierogi and arugula at the trendy Little Ukraine typical restaurant.

Have some Pad Thai with Tofu in a cool Polynesian Tiki Bistro

From the famous Gayest Rainbow-adorned ice cream store we will savor salty sweet Pimp ice cream.


Sample some Jaws-inspired Instagram worthy Shark Eye tiki cocktail.

Taste spicy Lychee Soju slushie cocktail matched with mushroom bao.
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Accompany us on this Flatiron Food excursion as we discover the popular NYC restaurant scenery, famous for Flatiron building. YOUR CULINARY EXPERIENCE... more
We will visit four restaurants, where on each restaurant will delight on a four-course meal that consists of two appetizers, one main course meal and a dessert. The NYC Flatiron food tour emphasis on quality, and all the meals are made impeccably with a touch of culinary history. On each of our Flatiron food tours we partner with more than four restaurants in either Flatiron or Gramercy. On each tour we have varying 4-course meals giving you an opportunity to come back over and over again so as to experience all the restaurants and relish on the delicious meals.


Relish the spicy sweet Enmoladas, appealing mole enchiladas at Pujol’s restaurant accompanied with ricotta, oja santa, and queso fresco prepared by the renowned Mexican chef, Enrique Olvera.

We’ll then visit the stylish Jean Georges restaurant to taste spring pea guacamole and appreciate its interior which is adorned with home décor.

Later we will visit the New York’s modern Korean restaurant for non-traditional, original, spicy kimchi stew.


Sip on some revitalizing Paloma cocktail highlighted with reposado tequila and fresh grapefruit juice.

Taste some concord grape and thyme mojito cocktail paired with guacamole.